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Alleluia Bwoy

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On the rise is hardcore Gospel Reggae/Gospel Hall
Artiste “Alleluia Bwoy”. He is a Singer, Deejay, Song Writer/
musician who comes to us with originality and style; a really
good performer who has a great stage appearance and is led by
the Spirit of God. He hails from the sea coast of St. Thomas
Jamaica, the second to last of nine siblings and born of parents,
Hortense and Calvin Pusey on January 26.His name at birth is
Oral Calvin Pusey. Oral mean: Spoken/ word of mouth/ vocal.
Greatness is no predigest to where you are from as Oral hails
from one of Jamaica’s Volatile communities. In his earlier days
he was sidetracked by the surrounding lifestyle and eventually
became part of a gang. Despite his involvement in such
dangerous affairs his talent was quite apparent. Oral was one
of the best local Dance Hall Artiste in the Parish of St Thomas
and so the event "Ghetto Splash" was his domain. In the midst
of him walking down a path of destruction Oral kept reflecting
on his Sunday school days when he would sing in church; and
after passing an audition at one of Jamaica's most influential
studios, Oral gave it all up for a life with Jesus Christ to which
God had called him, and so it was seven years later in 2007 he

started ministering professionally as a Gospel Artiste known as
the Alleluiabwoy
Daddy God! Daddy God! Daddy God whoye sweet Jesus; is his
slang and expression that he shout when entering the stage to
minister; it is his way of commanding his audience attention to
what God has sent him to deliver to them. He is a highly
motivated young man who places all his trust in God. He
believes that with God all things are possible! Oral is an
enthusiastic worker, keen, and has a very warm, amiable and
communicable disposition. He loves and believes in the word of
God so much that he studies the holy Bible from Genesis
through to Revelation over five times and of such became an
Enlightener in the word of God.

In his hit song Believe In a the Bible 100% Oral has prophesied
of taking the Gospel over ocean and seas; this prophecy is now
fulfilling as Oral recently traveled to New York and Miami in the
USA declaring God words. He has been performing his hot
released Singles Believe In A The Bible 100%, TIMELESS, When
God Call You, and NO ROCK, and so on in the Caribbean
countries such as: Jamaica, Guyana, Tortola and Antigua; and
has made several appearances as a special guest on numerous
radio programs where he continues to be an inspiration to all
through his music and the sharing of his testimony reiterating
the goodness of God.

About Alleluiabwoy: CONCERT BOOKING,
contact: 1-876-430-7662 or 1-876-335-9977
Email: [email protected]