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Bible App 'YouVersion' Hits 50 Million Downloads

Date: 10 Jul 2012Posted by Traval Morris
Newfangled social and gaming apps are popular and all, but it turns out that content dating back thousands of years can still more than hold its own in today's tech landscape. YouVersion, a Bible reading app made by nationwide Christian megachurch, has crossed the 50 million download mark across the variety of mobile devices on which it's available. Since its creation, the YouVersion community has spent more than 22 billion minutes on the app; users have created 100 million bookmarks and highlighted more than 80 million verses. The Bible app features 294 translations available in 144 languages. Users are allowed to share verses through journals, email, Twitter, and Facebook. That's clearly a pretty big milestone, and YouVersion is pretty unique as far as most TechCrunch stories go — since the app is totally free and run by a religious non-profit, no venture capital raises, revenue generation plans, or "exit strategies" are part of the picture. So we were happy to be able to hear more about it from YouVersion’s founder Bobby Gruenewald when he was in San Francisco recently. Watch the video embedded below to see Gruenewald talk about his personal evolution from a business and tech guy, to a full-time pastor, to his current blend of the two today, the app’s growth since its inception in 2008, and plans for future growth.