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Christian Rapper Tells All About Affair

Date: 01 Apr 2012Posted by
During a recent appearance on CBN's "700 Club", Christian rapper William "The Ambassador" Branch and wife Michelle opened up about what he called a "non-sexual but very inappropriate relationship" that he had with another woman. In May 2009, Branch’s former record label, Cross Movement Records dropped him from his contract further exposing to fans but not to his family, news about the affair. After taking a hiatus from ministry to heal and concentrate on the restoration of his family, he released a public statement in April of 2010. With the release of his newest album, Stop The Funeral on July 12th, he took the opportunity to speak on the nationally broadcasted "700 Club" to further clarify what exactly happened and the current state of his family. Like us on Facebook The affair began with a woman who served in his church that he often confided in because of the lack of communication between he and his wife. "The lack of communication made me just try to communicate with somebody that it wasn’t as much work as it would have been to communicate with my wife" said Branch. Frequently being in the same circle with the other woman because of mutual friends continued to strain his marriage as the relationship began to form beyond the confines of friendship. Referring to the relationship, he called it an "enslavement." "It would be these one, two hour rendezvous several times a week at its height." Branch’s wife Michelle began to notice that something was wrong because of the way he would "perk up when talking about her." The continuation of the relationship eventually led her to confront the other woman about the situation, where she learned of all that had transpired. Being candid about her emotions, she admitted that she was tempted to leave and considered divorce. When asked why she initially stayed, she said "Godly people and godly counsel. Someone said to me, ‘Michelle if you leave, people will support you and you know people will understand, but I want you to know that the devil would’ve won’ and that stuck me." The couple was aided in the restoration of their marriage by pastoral counseling and by “being together, talking, fussing, [being] brutally honest” added The Ambassador. Michelle closed the show by saying that she has been able to trust and forgive her husband. "When you get hurt there’s always scars but you know the Savior has forgiven us and he has not done more to me than I’ve done to the Savior."