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Date: 09 Feb 2014Posted by

Name: Sean Lypher

Height: 6.6ft

Born in: Portmore, Jamaica

Birthday: February 10, 1987.

He likes to: Listen to music(A real music man), play basketball, act and hang with friends.

favorite Basketball team: Los Angeles Lakers.


He’s engaging, edifying and real - Three words that define the newest kid on the Caribbean gospel scene, Sean Lypher. With the unprecedented success of his 1 year ministry, Lypher brings a unique flavour to the Gospel Arena. As 1/3 of the ground-breaking Jamaican Hip-Hop Gospel Group, The Sons of the Prophet, (S.O.P), Lypher went solo in fall of 2010 and continues to captivate audiences with his comedic style, his boyish smile and his genuine heart for ministry – all packaged in his 6’ 6 frame. 

Portmore City born and raised from February 10, 1987, he developed an appreciation for music of all genres at an early age. Evidence of this is proven in his masterful handling of the variety he employs – a fusion of dancehall, reggae, hip hop, R&B and alternative – which only gives a taste of what the “GodOnly” minister has to offer.

Acting stints, coveted awards and #1 videos are but part of what the artiste has encountered since his journey began. With the chart topping success of his first video “Make One” making waves in France and Kenya, the artiste gained top nods from Jamaican industry heavy-hitters as “The one to watch” and “New Artiste of the year”.

Lypher released his much anticipated mixtape “Make One” in 2011 on Christmas Eve. While focused on recording other singles, he finds time to give inspirational talks, host local talent exposés and correspond for a local youth-focused radio show seeking to reach the masses for Jesus Christ, spreading the gospel to the world.