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Switchfoot New Album Vice Re-Verses

Date: 14 Apr 2012Posted by Admin Admin
When I was assigned Switchfoot's new Vice Re-Verses EP to review I thought that I had a pretty good idea of what I'd be hearing in the songs that are found on it but I was wrong. What you'll find in the songs that make up Vice Re-Verses is electronic soaked music that's 180 degrees from the band's familiar pop/rock sound that I was expecting. Vice Re-Verses features remixes of songs from the band's 2011 release, Vice Verses, by Paper Route’s JT Daly, Owl City’s Adam Young, Photek, Darren King and DandJ. The EP will be released on Record Store Day; April 21, 2011 followed by the digital version of Vice Re-Verses on May 1st that will include a remix of the band’s new single, "Afterlife," from the winner of the Switchfoot Remix Contest sponsored by Ultimate Ears. The "Afterlife," single is the follow-up to Switchfoot's top 5 modern rock hit “Dark Horses,” that was the first single from the bands Vice Verses release. Highlight tracks from Vice Re-Verses included, "The Original" (JT Daly Remix) that features a nice addition of kids background vocals along with lively horn instrumentation that's found on it. I also found the rapping on, "Selling the News" Photek enjoyable. It's cool when a band wants to spread their wings and try something new and I'm sure that after you’ve been in the music scene as long as Switchfoot has been that it's fun to try something new to keep things fresh but the change in music style is just too much for me. That being said, I’m sure that longtime fans of the band will still probably enjoy what they hear on Vice Re-Verses.