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"The Bible" on The History Channel Episode #3 to Raise Controversy

Date: 27 Mar 2013Posted by Admin Admin

Episode #3 entitled, "Hope" of "The Bible" series just ended and is sure to raise questions by some again.  

I thought it was wonderfully done and very accurate in it's description.  However, with so many people raising controversy over having a black man play Samson, there will probably be some that question a black man playing one of the 3 wise men.  Also, many thoughts are that the wise men did not get to Jesus until several months after Jesus was born, then in the episode the wise men visit just after He is born.  This might have been true, but for sake of fitting it in the episode to show the three kings celebrating Jesus, I was ok with the placement.  

Some people will rise controversy about the way Satan and Jesus interacted in the desert and the way Satan looked, but I thought it was a great representation, however some will say he didn't physically show himself and if he did, he would have made himself more attractive in appearance.  

I would assume people will probably even complain that John the Baptist had dread locks, but again I feel it was very real description of what could have been.  

Overall, I think they have done a spectacular job of making these stories come to visual life to help people "see" them in a fresh way.  

What were your thoughts on Episode #3?