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V. Rose

Date: 09 Feb 2014Posted by
When singer/songwriter V. Rose was only 8 years old, she prayed a few earnest words that ended up forever shaping her life—and future ministry. A burgeoning talent who regularly joined the church choir onstage and played impromptu concerts in the family living room, V.Rose asked God for the gift of songwriting. Not interested in merely singing the words that someone else has written, V. Rose knew she had something to say, too, and asked God for the ability to communicate just that. “I ended up writing my first three songs the very next day,” V. Rose shares. “I don’t know how good they were, of course, but it was still an accomplishment. I knew God heard and had answered my prayer.” Seven years later, she and a childhood friend eventually started a pop duo, Harmony and were eventually signed to esteemed production company, Spechouse Media. As the then 15-year-old artist continued to hone her talent, a particularly meaningful worship service solidified her purpose, namely to write and perform songs that weren’t only relevant musically, but offered Christ-centered hope and encouragement for her peers. “It was such a memorable night because I understood that God gave me this gift of singing, not for myself, not to be famous, but as a ministry to help other people,” V. Rose remembers. “I knew He wanted me to use it for His glory, and I remember telling my Mom ‘I get it now.’” After Harmony amicably parted ways (the girls have remained best friends all these years), V.Rose began taking her first steps toward a solo career. After appearing on two tracks from FLAME’s #1 Billboard release Captured, including the hit single “Surrender” V. Rose signed with Clear Sight Music. Now just 22 years old, nothing makes V. Rose happier than seeing the fruits of many years of prayer, reflection and creativity culminate in her self-titled solo debut. An engaging fusion of current pop, rock and techno sounds, V. Rose’s music will, no doubt, appeal to fans of Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Maintaining her commitment to thinking outside the box, however, the songs still have V. Rose’s distinctive artistic stamp. Beyond the album’s decidedly addictive beats, however, is a powerful clarion call for listeners to embrace their true identity in Jesus, rather than looking for affirmation from the opposite sex, popularity or the right pair of jeans. “I have found that God has used my music to not only minister to others, but to minister and encourage me as well.” With the relatable conviction of someone who’s been there, rather than an unattainable ideal, V.Rose’s current radio singles including “Not So Average” and “Christian Girl” serve as relevant reminders that God made each of us with a unique purpose. “With ‘Not So Average,” I talk about how models aren’t really models when they’re not modeling. They aren’t these perfect people who walk around all perfectly spray tanned with perfect hair and makeup,” V.Rose shares. “We’re all deceived by the media, and we spend so much time in the mirror trying to be perfect. And since this is something I wish I would’ve heard when I was younger, I want to celebrate how God made us all different. That way, we can become more comfortable with ourselves and truly shine.” Continuing the theme of how God loves unconditionally, “Love Pursuit,” which also features The Katinas’ John Katina on vocals, is a memorable conversation between God and a girl who doubts herself. “I think one of the greatest deceptions that Satan uses is to tell us we’re not good enough for God, and that we have to fix ourselves before we can have a relationship with Him,” V.Rose says. “But that’s simply not true. We don’t wait until we’re healthy again to see a doctor. In the same way, we have to go to God when we’re sick and struggling because He’s the ultimate Healer.” Combining her passion for people with a soundtrack that you’ll be singing along with in no time flat, V.Rose’s album is an example of how substance and style can truly—and meaningfully—co-exist, the reason V. Rose has always loved music in the first place. “Music is my love, it always has been, and that’s because it has the ability to connect with people like nothing else,” V. Rose says. “And I want to take the gift God has given me to the fullest extent and share how he’s constantly pursuing us with his love and grace.”